Controlled Release

BDD has an ongoing R&D programme for delivering flexible and innovative solutions and expertise in controlled release.

Sustained Release

Simple and robust delivery of your drug over a defined period of time.


BDD's sustained release technology allows controlled release of drug over a period of 2 to 10 hours depending upon the therapeutic requirement. Like all the BDD controlled release technologies, this acts independently of intra and inter-individual variables such as pH, agitation and presence of alcohol ensuring reliable release at the right time. The BDD technology has been tested in-vivo in healthy volunteers, demonstrating consistent performance and in vivo / in vitro correlation.


This drug delivery system is simple to make, utilises commonly available excipients and is applicable to most APIs.

Complex Release

For complex drug release requirements, it is possible to combine the OralogiK controlled release technologies to provide new opportunities in drug delivery. A complex triple phase release can be obtained by compression of a pulse release core within the OralogiK sustained release matrix. The addition of an immediate release coat generates an immediate, sustained and pulse delivery profile. This can be used for one drug or combinations of drugs opening up a whole raft of innovating cutting edge possibilities.


Like all BDD technologies, this has been developed to work independently of biological variables such as pH, agitation and sensitivity to alcohol.

Delayed Release

OralogiK delayed release technology offers a highly reproducible delivery system for the delivery of drugs after a defined lag period. This lag period can be between 2 and 8 hours depending on the therapeutic requirement. The technology can be readily configured to provide immediate, biphasic (two pulses of drug[s] separated by a defined delay) or time-delayed, sustained release patterns of one or more drugs for a wide range of medical applications.


The technology is unique and distinct from other delivery technologies in the marketplace and offers widespread applicability to different drugs and dosages. High degree of flexibility in manipulating drug release profiles. 

Targeted Release

BDD's formulation development expertise teamed with our knowledge of bio-pharmacy has allowed to develop unique formulations that can target specific areas of the GI tract.


For example combining OralogiK proven delayed release technology with an enteric coat allows for accurate, targeted delivery of drug to the colon. This product works by time delayed erosion, rather than rupture of the outer coat leading to more consistent delivery within the hostile environment of the colon.  

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