Targeted colonic delivery that works.

Challenges with Colonic Drug Delivery

•Limited fluid located in discrete pockets

•Variable intra-individual pH

•Little movement or agitation

•Varying transit times through GI tract

Current Methods to Deliver drugs to the Colon

  • Dissolution of pH dependent coatings e.g. Eudragit S


  • Degradation of coatings by colonic microbiota

  • Combined pH and microbial activated coatings

  • Timed release with               

Tailored release of drug between 1 and 12 hours after dosing

Barrier layer erodes at a controlled rate prior to 
drug release from the core tablet

Core tablet containing drug substance

OralogiK™ Erodible Barrier Layer enables high
drug loading in the absence of solvents


OralogiK tablet arrives in stomach where the
enteric coating prevents fluid contact with the tablet contents

Following gastric emptying, OralogiK tablet arrives in proximal SI and the enteric coat dissolves.

Time-based erosion commences.

Controlled erosion continues as the tablet transits down through the small intestine

Tablet arrival in the colon.

Erosion completes.

Core disintegrates and disperses in the colon.

  • Consistent performance, independent of GI tract variables

  • Erosion during GI transit ensures unimpeded release on reaching the colon

  • When combined with enteric coating eliminates variability of gastric emptying

  • Independent of pH and agitation 

Clinical Evaluation 1


Enteric Coated Tablets with a 5 hour OralogiK™ Delay  

Study Performed in Fasted Healthy Volunteers


10/10 dosages released in the colon, with 5 releasing in the AC, 4 in the TC and 1 in the DC.


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