BDD offers a full-service package to fit individual needs including troubleshooting, formulation development and in vitro and in vivo evaluation.

For formulation development projects, we use our knowledge of biopharmaceutics to develop a strong drug delivery strategy to achieve the targeted release profile. Key capabilities include hot melt extrusion, wet and dry granulation, tablet and capsule formulation, and coating.

Controlled release exactly where and when you want it

Our patented modified release tablet technology OralogiK™ provides unrivalled control of drug release at the right place and time. This allows our clients to have a tablet designed to their specific modified release needs, including sustained, delayed, multiple pulse and site targeted release.

Accelerate your product development

With the ability to run formulation development, GMP manufacture and clinical trials in parallel, BDD can ensure a reliable lead formulation is determined with our adaptive clinical trial solution: BDD Swift. Our clinical division provides a full clinical package, including protocol development, study documentation design and regulatory authority submission, GMP-compliant manufacture, through to close out and production of ICH GCP-compliant clinical study report.

Seeing is believing

We specialise in gamma scintigraphy, a powerful and versatile technology used to investigate the in vivo behaviour of your formulation. Coupled with pharmacokinetic data, this technique can be used to provide information on time / site of disintegration, gastric emptying, gastrointestinal transit and intra / inter individual differences.