In-vivo disintegration and absorption of two fast acting aspirin tablet formulations compared to ibu

Aspirin is widely used to relieve acute pain and reduce fever and inflammation. New 500 mg and 1000 mg aspirin rapid disintegrating tablets with small active ingredient particle size and sodium carbonate excipient were developed to replace regular 500 mg aspirin tablet formulation containing starch and cellulose.

The rapid disintegrating aspirin tablets have been proven to show faster in-vitro dissolution and a shorter time to Cmax (Voelker 2012) resulting in faster pain relief (Cooper 2012). The current study correlates the site and time to complete tablet disintegration with the plasma concentration time profile, using γ-scintigraphyimaging technique. Two 400 mg ibuprofen tablet formulations (ibuprofen acid and ibuprofen lysine salt) have also been analyzed in this study. Read the full white paper here

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