BDD Pharma Further Invests in Gamma Scintigraphy Capabilities

Image showcasing the Siemens Healthineers Symbia Evo Excel Gamma Camera

BDD Pharma, world leaders in gamma scintigraphic imaging have invested in a new state-of the-art gamma camera to enhance the company’s clinical evaluation capabilities.

Gamma scintigraphy is a sophisticated imagine technique which can offer direct quantification of formulation performance  in vivo including demonstration of the site and time of release, visualisation of gastric emptying or measurement of gastric transit times.  Scintigraphy can be applied to a wide range of dosage forms including oral, pulmonary and nasal and can be coupled with pharmacokinetic analysis to provide an unparalleled insight into product performance.

Data from scintigraphy studies can be used to assess the performance of devices, prove product claims, showcase a competitive advantage or, with BDD’s SWIFT adaptive clinical trial capability can be used to inform formulation development strategies.

This investment continues BDD’s commitment to offer our clients rapid in vivo data to support their development programmes, particularly with modified release products.

The Siemens Healthineers Symbia Evo Excel gamma camera with its reliable dual head imaging, allows BDD to increase both capacity and efficiency for scintigraphy studies.

Dr Carol Thomson, CEO said “By investing in the latest gamma scintigraphy cameras, BDD continues to cement itself as a world leader in, in-vivo scintigraphic clinical trials. We are delighted to bolster our capability with this latest acquisition.”

BDD Pharma develops, manufactures, and performs clinical research on oral drug products to optimise formulation performance through a data-led approach to projects. Regarding gamma scintigraphy, seeing is believing, by analysing the fate of our client’s products in man we provide crucial information for commercial development.

BDD’s clinical capabilities are based at its site in Glasgow, UK and are supported by its formulation and analytical services

About BDD Pharma

BDD Pharma is a world class drug delivery company. We help our clients with unique drug delivery challenges by using clinical tools to formulate innovative modified release products. Our clients can accelerate their product development pipelines with adaptive clinical trials, which consists of formulation development, GMP manufacture and clinical trial management; providing in vivo clinical data in as short as 6 months. Our services allow our clients to take their lead formulation towards commercial success with confidence.

The BDD client base covers the globe and includes USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, India, and Australia. We support businesses from micro virtual labs to small, medium and key global players.

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