BDD’s patent protected tablet, CologiK™ enables consistent pH-independent delivery of drugs targeted to the colon. CologiK™ is a tablet-in-tablet technology in which an enteric coated erodible barrier layer is compressed around a drug containing core tablet. Once the tablet has left the stomach, the barrier layer starts to erode at a constant rate throughout the GI tract, unaffected by variables such as agitation and pH until the core tablet becomes fully exposed and the contents are released.

Exploiting knowledge of the well documented transit times through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, CologiK™ tablets can be designed to promote release in the colon.

The erosion mechanism ensures that at the point of release, the barrier layer is no longer present and will not impede release from the core. This is important for facilitating complete release from the tablet core in the colonic environment where there is minimal agitation and only small pockets of fluid.

The CologiK™ platform has been designed to work independently of GI tract variables, such as agitation and pH, and is not dependent upon the microbiome which is critical for consistent performance in healthy and diseased populations. Here the schematic shows how the OralogiK™ tablet travels throughout the GI tract.

The enteric coating ensures the erosion does not start until the tablet leaves the stomach, removing the variability of gastric emptying times.

The erodible layer is designed to delay the release of the core tablet until it reaches the colon.

BDD have successfully demonstrated colon targeted delivery in a number of clinical studies with a range of different APIs. In each case, delivery to the colon was demonstrated using gamma scintigraphic imaging which allows visualisation of core release and dispersion from the core tablet in the colon.

CologiK™ provides a robust means of colon delivery of API. The timed-release layer acts independently of the drug contained in the core, making it suitable for most APIs. Development and clinical demonstration of performance by gamma scintigraphic imaging can be achieved in less than 9 months.

CologiK™ is composed of a clever blend of commonly used, inert, low cost excipients. With simple compression manufacture and low excipient costs this results in very affordable costs of goods.

Why Choose CologiK™ for Colonic Delivery?

  • Consistent performance
  • Cost effective, solvent free manufacture. Proven at scale
  • Erosion during GI transit ensures unimpeded release on reaching the colon
  • Eliminates variability of gastric emptying​
  • Independent of pH & agitation
  • Not reliant on variable microbiome