BDD are experts in modified release technologies and continue to be at the forefront of drug delivery research. BDD has developed two patented technologies, OralogiK™ for timed release of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and CologiK™ for targeted delivery to the colon.

Clinically proven, OralogiK™ is a timed-release platform that can deliver drugs or combinations of drugs at predetermined times post dosing enabling even the most complex profiles to be achieved. Drug release can be in single or multiple pulses.


CologiK™ is an extension of the OralogiK™ platform that enables delivery of API to the colon for localised treatments or to avoid release in the stomach or small intestine. CologiK™ has been proven clinically with a range of different APIs.

BDD’s technologies have been developed to work independently of physiological variables to ensure robust performance in man.