Industry leading screening pass rates ensure recruitment targets and study timelines are always met

A recent audit of our screening process revealed that 80.8% of volunteers attending for a face to face screening visit met eligibility for the study. This was across all studies undertaken in the 24 months 2021-2022. One of our business cornerstones is ensuring that every study starts on schedule and completes on schedule, with the precise mix of volunteers required. Avoiding preventable screen failures through continuous process optimisation contributes significantly to this, enhancing the experience for volunteers and meeting client expectations.

Having an industry-leading screen pass rate at BDD is a considerable competitive advantage. It’s a clear indication of our ability to accurately identify and recruit participants who precisely fit the strict eligibility criteria for each trial. By reducing the instances of non-qualifying participants undergoing expensive and time-consuming screening procedures, we save considerable time and resources. Furthermore, this efficiency strengthens our credibility and reputation among sponsors, increasing our chances for future collaborations.

BDD’s high screening pass rate is a testament to our expertise in pre-qualifying potential participants. This proficiency depends on several factors. Primarily, access to a broad and diverse volunteer pool is essential. The more varied and extensive our volunteer pool, the higher the likelihood of finding participants who meet the specific trial criteria. Our ability to reach a large number of potential volunteers allows us to cast a wider net, thus improving our chances of finding suitable subjects for a wide range of trials.

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A robust pre-screening process is another key factor behind our high pass rate. Our process includes comprehensive initial assessments and meticulous reviews of each potential participant’s medical history and current health status. During pre-screening, we also take the time to educate potential participants about the trial, discussing the process, potential risks and benefits, their roles, and their rights. This conversation is crucial in securing their commitment and reducing dropout rates, which further affect the timeline and cost of our trials.

We have also fostered strong relationships with health professionals, patient communities, and advocacy groups. These connections play a significant role in our successful screening pass rate, offering direct access to potential participants who might meet the eligibility criteria for certain clinical trials. They also help establish trust among potential participants, thereby increasing our recruitment and retention rates.

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In conclusion, our industry-leading screen pass rate is more than just a statistic; it’s a testament to our efficiency, credibility, robust processes, and our well-established network. It’s a vital driving force behind our successful clinical trials and our contributions to the development of new treatments and therapies.