Controlled release exactly where and when you want it.

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BDD has developed an erosion based controlled release technology that provides unrivalled control of drug release at a pre-defined time with no release of drug prior to the pulse. The technology is an erodible barrier layer that is wrapped around a drug containing core to give a tablet in tablet dose form. The barrier layer is designed to erode at a controlled rate until eventually the drug is released from the core tablet, and the length of the delay period can be tailored between 2 and 8 hours by simply changing excipient ratios.


The barrier layer works independently of the core so can be applied to almost any drug where there is a therapeutic need, with minimal development. The release can be sustained or pulsed release giving unparalleled versatility.


The OralogiK™ barrier layer can be readily film coated, allowing addition of an immediate release dose which can be the same or different to the drug in the core tablet.


These wide-ranging formulation attributes permit the realisation of complex delivery profiles in which one or more drugs can be combined into a single tablet, using proven manufacturing technologies to achieve new therapeutic objectives, previously unattainable.